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Cómete un whopper XXL y come como un hombre

"Come como un hombre, hombre" es el spot de la nueva campaña de Burger King, doble whopper o whopper xxl. Este vídeo es una primicia de Internet, porque el spot de Burger King aun no se ha estrenado en televisión. Está dirigido a hombres muy hombres que quieren comer como hombres, comer carne. El spot está acusado de machista y otras tantas lindezas, pero Burger King ha respondido a sus retractores abriendo un blog para que todo el mundo opine: Manthem (


Arrange Marriage

This remote can make miracles for an arrange marriage (beware! your wife will want one)

Sharapova Nike Commercial

If you don't have tickets for the masters series, at least you can see Sharapova in this Nike commercial.

PSP Fan Advertising

Great fan-made PSP commercial. This was Jay's first ever commercial made. We're looking for more!

Perfect woman

What does the perfect woman says? "You're not late, It's my watch, It's always fast"... or "That's okay, you'll remember my birthday next year".

Cool RBK ad

Terry Henry reveals his true love


Ikea - Need something new?

Old and bad quality furniture will ruin your day. Funny IKEA commercial.

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG promotional video

Promotional video for the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. I wonder why they've made a peaceful promo video for such a beast (476 hp)

Model Evolution with Makeup and Photoshop

Making of a Billboard AD: From the makeup before the photoshoot, photo retouching, and final display (or how to get a girl and turn her into a hot billboard babe). All in just 60 seconds.

Jessica Alba - Isa Knox (2006)

2006 Isa Knox make-up commercial starring Jessica Alba. Really beautiful.

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